Detailed installation on Windows in pictures

1 - Installation of the software (Setup)
- Alerte message
2 - Install thes airfois files
3 - First use
4 - The registration system "code / key"
5 - The recording system if the trial period is exceeded
6- Software Code and Liberation key

Before performing the installation you must download the trial version of the file ctracfoil.exe (45 days trial) and the "Free Pack Airfoils" the profils.exe file (~ 2000 profiles provided free).
Note: in any way the software works is related to a connection on the Internet..

You need to know which folder is this (these) file(s). Generally it is in your "Downloads" folder.
On your computer so you will see 2 files.
- ctracfoilE.exe (or cfracfoilE)
- profils.exe (or profils)

Step 1 Installation of the software TraCFoil
Just double click on ctracfoilE.exe (or cfracfoilE), you start the installation.

Click on Oui or Yes

Click on Next

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I remind you that this is a version trial version (45 days trial. At the end of these 45 days you can not use without being registered)
Check "I accept the agreement" Then Click Next

Enter your informations
Click Next

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You can choose the location of the files on your disk by clicking on browse.
Default is C:\Program Files\TraCFoil

Click Next

Click Install to "Install". The installation starts

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After installation you must read the information file

Click Finish, the readmeE.txt file is opened, read it carefully

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Then Start TraCFoil.

ATTENTION The separator (symbol) decimal will be the point
Alerte Séparateur décimal

The symbol decimal must be the point "." (dot). Otherwise you will receive an error message when launching TraCFoil and errors on export DXF files on the airfoils generated.
Use the the SepdeciVb5 program that lets you change the decimal symbol directly
Note: SepdeciVb5 is into your directory C:\Program Files\TraCFoil from the version of Tracfoil 4.11.4  or you can download here

Start TraCFoil run TraCFoil, then
Select your English language

Click OK

Click on "Evaluation" button,

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Step 2 install the airfoils

Click on the file

At the first use you must install the "Free Pack Airfoils" so the file profils.exe
Just double click on profils.exe (or profils), you start the installation.

A - This is done automatically simply answer questions.
If you miss this automatic installation, the installation, use the manual installation

Click on Oui or Yes

You must indicate where is the profils.exe file (or profils) that you have already downloaded
You need to know which folder is this profils.exe file (or profils), otherwise do a search in the File Explorer Windows files. Generally it is in your "Downloads" folder.
Click OK

TraCFoil launches the file setup profiles, this dialog will close at the end of the installation ...

B - NOTE: If you have "missed" the automatic installation above
Just find your drive from your computer the file or profils.exe profiles and double click (downloaded from the download page).
From that moment, the automatic or manual installation is identical

Iinstall the airfoils files
install profils
Eventually select the language
Then follow the instructions

Click on "I Agree" after reading the information

pack 2
  You can choose the location of files on your disk by clicking on browse
default: C:\Program Files\TraCFoil\airfoils, and click "Install".

pack 3
The airfoils files are copied to your disk.
Click on "Close" and then close all the dialog box still open.

To verify that the profile files are installed, click the "Airfoils" button

To see all the files and sub directories.

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It's over, you can use TraCFoil

How to use
When using the program, after the first start,
- Click the "Evaluation" button to launch the software at the display of the home screen

- Then the following dialog box "Register" will appear

Just click on the "Evaluation" button to access TraCFoil

If this Software you satisfied you can register to obtain an unlimited version.
- How ordering ? Payment by Credit card by Paypal ou this Website?

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The registration system "code / key"
Copy the Software Code, NO screenshot, and the version number of your dialog box "Please register"
- Just send me the Software Code by mail
(Please note the registration system is linked only to the computer that uses TraCFoil)
 the code should look like 45DF89A76A5F7D2D_TF_4.11.6-E (NO screenshot) - (here is an example, this code is unique depending on your computer)

And upon receipt of your contribution, I'll send you by e-mail liberation key.
The key will be to enter into the "Liberation key" above, then will validate with the "Register" button.

After entering the "Liberation key", the system generates a tracfoil.lic file in the directory TraCFoil  from your disk. We must therefore think about the save!
This file contains the data from your software registration.

This file will be copied to the folder TraCFoil at a new facility in a disk formatting or change on the same computer.
!! In no case can not be used when a new installation on a new computer. in this case reinstall TraCFoil ask me again a "Liberation key" by sending me the software code like 45DF89A76A5F7D2D_TF_4.11.6-E.

!! En aucun cas il ne peut servir lors d'une nouvelle installation sur un nouvel ordinateur. dans ce cas réinstaller TraCFoil et me redemander une clef en m’envoyant le code Logiciel par copier coller.

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    The recording system if the trial period (45 days) is exceeded
After launching the TraCFoil program, you will have a screen
code logiciel
The code should look like 45DF89A76A5F7D2D_TF_4.11.6-E (here is an example, this code is unique depending on your computer)

Enter the software code (copy paste (NOT screenshot!) And the Version from the dialog box of TraCFoil software installed on your computer, and send it to me by email, to review the key to liberation.

I you click on "Evaluation, you'll get the following message

période expirée

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 Software Code and Liberation key.

-A - Copy the Software Code

Just send me the Software Code by copy and paste (the code should look like 45DF89A76A5F7D2D_TF_4.11.4-E NO screenshot)

-B -Copy the key from the mail I send.

-C - Paste the key into "Liberation key"

clef logiciel

- If the trial period (45-day trial) is exceeded you can find the softwarecode at the start of TraCFoil


And then clck on the "Regisrer" button

When starting TraCFoil if you are registered you should have this screen

Detailed update on Windows with the detail in pictures, BUT in French only

Before asking your question read FAQ

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