Updating and New release

Release of TraCFoil : This archive contains the TraCFoil.EXE, readmeE.txt and hepl file.

Detailed update on Windows with the detail in pictures, BUT in French only

 The current release is the : Version 4.11.18-E dated 28/10/2017

- Change the width of the file selector in the "Open an Airfoil File" window,
- Added on the help of the advice to install in a folder other than C: \Program Files or C: \Program Files (x86), in order to have free access to the files with "Windows File Explorer".

Download majtracfoilE.exe - 660 Ko

Just run the majtracfoilE.exe, In the TraCFoil directory, the new files erase the old files.
  If you run in a demo version, TraCFoil generated a new code (yes it happens ... Thanks Bill G..), just ask me by sending me a new key, but send me the new code and the version number by copy-past (NO screenshot!) generated by TraCFoil.

Download The "Free Pack Airfoils" Version 4.2.0 - 28/08/2017 - 760Ko

- Just send me the new software code using copy and paste (NO screenshot )
the code should look like 45DF89A76A5F7D2D_TF_4.11.18-E