TraCFoil works with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10

tester Evaluation version fully fonctionnal of TraCFoil. You may use for 45 days.

You must have tested the software that comes in a full version but limited to 45 days. Then after testing only if the software you are satisfied you can register to obtain an unlimited version in time. [Check your installation]

Download the fle ctrafoilE.exe Version 4.12.09-E dated 29/07/2020 - 1 700 Ko

Full setup - Automatic installation
To install double-click the file and follow the instructions ctrafoilE.exe.
The software comes with two test profiles, you must download the "Free Pack Airfoils"below.
Attention [Check your installation on Windows]

Download The "Free Pack Airfoils" Version 4.8.0 - 24/12/2021 - 760Ko

With 2150 airfoils :
- 1436 airfoils of UIUC Airfoil Coordinate Database,
- and airfoils of my WEB pages "airfoils".
The name of all the airfoils is in the airfoils.txt file.
The airfoils can be used by every private person. A commercial use is restricted by the designers copyright, Please contact the designer.

Download Other Languages

Contact me for additional information or to inform about new version.

Additional information :
  • If you unistall this software, the first date of installation open the trial period.
    If you do a new installation, The code will change you must send me the new software code,
    and I send a new Free Liberation Key.
  • After a disk format or a new installation, what to do ?


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