It is also possible to download files from my web page Airfoils Data Base
image_airfoils These files are available for free for designers.
They are not based on data from the UIUC Airfoil Coordinate Database

The airfoils can be used by every private person. A commercial use is restricted by the designers copyright, Please contact the designer.

Informations about aifoil files

TraCPlane use *.dat Selig's x,y format or *.cor (coordinate file)
The format is :
The first line describes the airfoil.
1.000000 0.xxxxxx Trailing Edge - Start
0.9xxxxx 0.xxxxxx along Upper surface towards Leading Edge
......... .........
0.xxxxxx 0.xxxxxx Leading Edge
......... .........
0.xxxxxx -0.xxxxxx along Lower surface back towards Trailing Edge
0.900000 -0.xxxxxx
1.000000 0.xxxxxx Trailing Edge - End

Coordinates DAT