You must have tested the software that comes in a full version but limited to 45 days
After your evaluation period, if you would like to continue to use, you must register for the license version.
The software is not sold but licensed. (The update is free for registered users. You will be notified by email of new major versions.) If you change your computer or reformat your hard disk see the FAQ.

Last release : Release V 1.9.00-E dated 12 March 2018

Registration by Credit card or Paypal, for download version : 10.70 Euros (Paypal)

Software Code
Release Number

By clicking on "Register Now" to register, you confirm that you test the software during the trial period.

Indicate the Software code
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And the Number of Release in the dialog box "Please, Register" from your computer
and click on Paypal "Register Now" button.

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Please read before contribution - After connecting with the server Paypal :

1. Fill-in the information form
2. Choose your type of credit card or PayPal Account
3. Enter your credit card information
- All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.
4. You will receive a purchase receipt by e-mail
5. At the receipt of Paypal confirmation, I send you by email, in the 48-72 hours**, the license version and the Liberation key
Note: the information collected during registration is used only for information about software updates.
(** Except in case of closure for holidays)

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